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FAQs & Booking Policy

Please check out the booking policies below. If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact Joanna directly. 


Is my baby too young to start music lessons?

Not at all. Babies begin hearing at five months in utero, so there is literally no such thing as too soon. The parent or care-giver must be present for baby music classes, and you will learn all the songs and activities that you can take home and sing with your child as they grow each day. The songs and activities we do together help stimulate brain and physical development, coordination and speech. 


I would like my child to learn an instrument: what is an appropriate age to start, and what instrument should we start on?

I recommend piano as the first instrument a child learns. I have children as young as four learning piano fundamentals. The piano provides the most cohesive introduction to bigger musical concepts.

However, I also suggest exposing your child to different instruments and see what they are natural drawn to. Ukulele, violin, guitar are all great, but I would wait until 6 years old for private lessons on those instruments.


What instruments do you teach and at what level?

I teach piano from beginner to intermediate, starting at 4 years old. 

Ukulele from beginner to advanced starting at 6 years old. 

Guitar from beginner to advanced starting at 7 years old. 

Voice from beginner to advanced starting at 7 years old. 

Songwriting from beginner to advanced starting at 7 years old. 

Music Fundamentals from age 0-adult.


What do music fundamental classes cover?

Early childhood music fundamentals classes prepare infants and toddlers for the big wide world of music making. Classes cover all of the following musical skills: pitch recognition (singing in tune); Reading music - notation and rhythms; Learning dynamic differences such as piano, forte, etc; singing solfeggi (Do Re Mi…); Drumming; Finger dexterity for piano and instruments later; Understanding musical terminology, eg: forte, piano, rapids, lento, diminuendo, crescendo, ritardando, etc… and so much more!

Where do you teach?

I offer in-home and in-school lessons. That means that I come to your home or school, at a time we have scheduled, and all you have to do is be there with your children and enjoy the class. I strongly suggest doing classes outside if there is space, or in a well-ventilated room. This can include a public park, private garden, or play-ground.


I’ve never done a music class before, what should I expect?

Expect to sing, dance, and have fun. Every class includes a welcoming ritual - aka: a hello song - and then opens up into a 30 - 45 minute set of songs and movement activities that seamlessly flow from energetic to relaxing, using instruments, and just our voices and bodies. The class moves through multiple dynamics, and always end with a story-book, a calming lullaby, to send the children and families into the rest of their day feeling great. 


What should I bring to class?

Shaker eggs, rainbow scarves, a drum, and your voice. You can purchase a Little Whale Instrument pack HERE. For early childhood music classes, this is all you will need for now.


Cancellation / Rescheduling:

I require 36 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson. If you do miss or cancel a lesson without sufficient notice then it will be forfeited. If you need to cancel last minute due to extenuating circumstances I will offer a recorded video lesson / make-up lesson once a payment cycle. 

Payment Schedule:

After our initial lesson, I ask that you pay for 4 lessons (or one month) up front. This secures your weekly lesson time with me. Payment can be via Venmo: @jo-wallfisch-littlewhalemusic or Cheque Payable to: Joanna Wallfisch

Online Lessons:

Zoom or FaceTime - whoever you prefer. I will not record lessons unless you request, however I do suggest and allow you to record your lessons either online or in person, so you can practice in your own time.

Group lessons Pricing Break Down:

The following prices are the basic rates for in person and online: 

  • 30 minute classes start at $25 per child

  • 45 minute classes start at $35 per child

  • Siblings get 50% off. Example: two siblings for a 30 minute class would be $45 ($30+15)

  • For in-home group classes that are more than 5 miles from Pasadena, I charge a base travel rate of an additional $60, that can be divided between the parents. 

  • For in-home group classes I require a minimum of three children to participate. 

  • For children under 3, one adult per child must be present. For children ages 3+ I require one adult per two children of the household to be present.

1-1 Lessons Pricing Break Down:


The following prices are the basic rates for in person and online: 

  • $40 for 30 minutes

  • $50 for 45 minutes

  • $70 for 60 minutes

If you live more than 5 miles in any direction from South Pasadena then I charge an additional $30. 

If you live more than 10 miles in any direction from South Pasadena then I charge an additional $50. 

I will always give extra time to lessons if there are additional rates. I do not charge extra if you reside within 5 miles or less from South Pasadena.

Please contact me to discuss.


Covid-19 Safety:


The CDC Guidelines continue to be updated. For the comfort of my clients I will always wear a mask when teaching, and I request that adults present also wear a mask. I do not require children under the age of 5 to wear a mask. All classes will be held in an open air space, and everyone will be 6ft apart. I encourage kids to have their own instruments so that there is little sharing. I will have hand sanitizer available, and I will clean all my instruments after each use. If you have been unwell or near anyone who might have been unwell, please inform me and we can move our lesson to an online format. I reserve permission to cancel a lesson last minute if I feel unwell or have been exposed to Covid, and will endeavor to make it up when possible. However, if students cancel a lesson last minute (less than 24hrs) due to a student or someone in the household having Covid-19 then I do not offer make up lessons. 

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